Voilà (/vwʌ.ˈlɑː/): ta-da;

there it is; there you are


Our Story 


We hold a strong belief that we all possess the right to express ourselves. To realise this dream, we look no further than an almost indispensable accessory—bags. We aim to make bags that can be personalised to what you want. Bags that can hold everything you need for the day and yet look stylish. Bags that can follow us anywhere from the boardroom to the beach. Bags that we do not have to worry about getting damaged too easily. Voilà Concepts wants to create beautiful AND functional bags. Our designs centre around the core of being unique, stylish, practical and fuss-free. We make it our mission to let your bag spell YOU. 


We want our bags to play an important role in your lives, in work or in play, creating your favourite memories for you. We love what we do, and Voilà is the excitement we want our bags to bring to you. Zip along, from us to YOU. 





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