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Cleaning and Product Care 


Wipe bag bodies and inner bags with non-abrasive damp cloth regularly. 

Handwash with cold water and mild soap. Do not soak, machine wash or tumble dry. 

Inner bags can be handwashed with cold water and mild soap. Do not soak, machine wash or tumble dry. 

Handles should be cleaned according to their material. Faux leather handles can be wiped with soapy water and leather handles with leather cleaners. Do not use abrasive cleaning fluids. 

Do not expose to sunlight or high temperature for extended periods to prevent warping. 

Store away in a dust bag when not in use.

Store in an upright position. 

Colour dyes from dark-coloured clothing may transfer over to light-coloured bag bodies. This tendency is increased by variations in temperature and humidity. As such, colour transfer is difficult to control and not always preventable.   

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